Business messages from IntisTele


Start your sales and marketing campaigns on a global scale with the dedicated verified mass email list of global sms gateway provider. IntisTele delivers billions of emails to all businesspeople or residents from more than 100 countries around the world. Everything is made by hand and with a 100% guarantee of delivery by email on the day of delivery.

Business mailing list

Whether you want to use a mass email list for direct mailing, analytical purposes, or building an app — Our massive IntisTele email database contains billions of consumers and millions of businesses around the world with very accurate and up-to-date information. They set up perfect mass mailing lists with dozens of options to choose from, such as age, geography, industry.

Business messages from IntisTele


  • Billions of consumer and business addresses are checked weekly.
  • Custom made in each country and delivered in CSV format.
  • Bulk email list in your own mail system for broadcasting.
  • IntisTele has a clean delivery policy. This means that you are guaranteed more than 100% email delivery on the day of delivery.
  • IntisTele provides a complete set of data: email, names, phone numbers, postal addresses, date of birth, industry.
  • Bulk email lists are only delivered in bulk (at least 100,000 entries). Prices start from € 0.03 ct for an address to € 0.002 ct for a large volume. Buy more, pay less.

IntisTele provides only the highest quality direct bulk email list and keeps it in the best possible shape. The ever-growing mass email database is constantly checked and updated for accuracy. And fully complies with data protection laws. Of course, you must comply with the law on the use of this data, which IntisTele lawyers will be happy to consult about.

To ensure compliance, IntisTele is audited annually by the Data-Driven Marketing Organization (DDMA). It is considered very important that customers know that the company carefully uses the data of third parties.